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Signed Book Bundle Available. New Article, Podcast & Interviews

Signed bundle of One Nation Under Blackmail now available. New Article - The Club of Rome and the Rise of the “Predictive Modelling” Mafia. Podcast - The Network Behind FTX with Marty Bent & Michael Krieger. Interviews - Primo Radical, Hard Lens Media, and Dr. Jessica Rose.

The Club of Rome and the Rise of the “Predictive Modelling” Mafia

While many are now familiar with the manipulation of predictive modelling during the COVID-19 crisis, a network of powerful Malthusians have used the same tactics for the better part of the last century in order to sell and impose their agenda.


The Network Behind FTX with Marty Bent & Michael Krieger

Mary Bent and Mike Krieger join Whitney to unravel the network behind the meteoric rise of Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX and what was actually going on at the company. The discussion goes far beyond the obvious fraud at FTX and looks at the networks that brought Bankman-Fried to power and were using him as a front for a dangerous agenda.


Primo Radical #273

Whitney Webb returns to discuss her new book, ONE NATION UNDER BLACKMAIL, in which she details Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's ties to politicians, celebrities, intelligence agencies, and organized crime. We also discuss how to view the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in retrospect, as well as the war in Ukraine.


Hard Lens Media

Whitney joined Hard Lens Media to discuss FTX, political corruption, and censorship.


Good Morning CHD

Whitney joined Dr. Jessica Rose to discuss financial crimes, COVID, con artists and more.


One Nation Under Blackmail

Signed bundles are sold out.

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One Nation Under Blackmail
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