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Article - Covid-19 Mass Formation or Mass Atrocity? Podcast - Making Sense of the “Ye” Spectacle with Ryan Cristian. Interview - Viva Frei. Signed copies of book available.


Covid-19 Mass Formation or Mass Atrocity?

Mattias Desmet’s theory of Mass Formation attracted a great deal of attention in 2022. In this review of Desmet’s book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, we argue that it manifests the psychology of atrocity – and that “Mass Formation” paradoxically serves to legitimize the mass atrocity perpetrated during the Covid-19 era.


Making Sense of the “Ye” Spectacle with Ryan Cristian

In this episode, Whitney is joined by Ryan Cristían to discuss the recent spectacle of Kanye West and how it is being used to further troubling censorship and domestic terror agendas.

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Viva Frei Live

Whitney joined Viva Frei Live to discuss One Nation Under Blackmail.


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One Nation Under Blackmail
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