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New Article, Podcast, Livestream today

Article - FTX and the Curious History of Farmington State Bank. Podcast - Making Sense of the “Ye” Spectacle. Interviews - Live on The Jimmy Dore Show @130pm PT, The Tom Woods Show, TrineDay The Journey.

FTX and the Curious History of Farmington State Bank

Since FTX’s collapse, a tiny bank in rural Washington has come under heavy scrutiny for the role it may have played in the crypto exchange’s fraudulent activities. Ed Berger and Whitney Webb investigate the history of the bank and unearth some troubling connections.


Making Sense of the “Ye” Spectacle with Ryan Cristian

In this episode, Whitney is joined by Ryan Cristían to discuss the recent spectacle of Kanye West and how it is being used to further troubling censorship and domestic terror agendas.

Podcast is available on all podcast platforms.


The Jimmy Dore Show Live 1:30pm PT

Whitney will be on The Jummy Dore Show today at 1:30PT. If you miss the live stream, the segments should be posted on their channels next week.

Watch on Rumble, YouTube, and Rokfin.


The Tom Woods Show

Whitney Webb joins The Tom Woods Show to discuss the unknown history of collusion between intelligence services and organized crime, and the practice of blackmail, in order to set the context for Jeffrey Epstein


Rogue News

Whitney joined Rogue News to discuss One Nation Under Blackmail.


TrineDay: The Journey Podcast

Publisher Kris Millegan speaks with Whitney Webb about her book, One Nation Under Blackmail, the hidden scandals inside “Chinagate,” and the people who want to model the world on, and rule it, through China.

One Nation Under Blackmail
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