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New Article and Interviews

Article - SDG7. Interviews - Redacted, Dark Journalist, Media Monarchy.


SDG7: The Impossible Energy Transformation

NEW - Iain Davis explores whether the stated purpose of the UN's SDG7 to "ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all" fits with the actions of its stakeholders and public-private partnerships.



Whitney joins Redacted to discuss the recent Virgin Islands lawsuit and FTX. Interview segment starts at 1:21:43.



Whitney sits down with Redacted's Clayton Morris for a dense conversation about her bombshell new book on Jeffrey Epstein's deep connections to the world's biggest power players.


Dark Journalist

Part 2 of Whitney's interview with Dark Journalist is out now.


Media Monarchy

Whitney joined Casbot from Media Monarchy to discuss One Nation Under Blackmail and Danny Casolaro and the Promis scandal.

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One Nation Under Blackmail
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