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New Article, Video and Interviews

Article: Guido Goldman, the CFR and the German Marshall Fund. Video: Hoover & Blackmail: The Evidence. Interviews: The Conscious Resistance and Coin Stories.


Guido Goldman, the CFR and the German Marshall Fund

As Kissinger’s International Seminar was revealed to be a CIA-funded program, the elites of the CFR hatched a plan to create a new organization to train young global leaders. The Harvard-based German Marshall Fund was created by a CIA-linked Kissinger protégé named Guido Goldman. Their goal: The total capitulation of Russia.  


Hoover & Blackmail: The Evidence

In this video, Whitney responds to a criticism about a claim in her recent book and delves deep into the source material for the J. Edgar Hoover blackmail claim.

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The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance hosts journalists/researchers Whitney Webb, James Corbett, Jason Bermas, and Ryan Cristián to discuss why the public should be extremely skeptical of Elon Musk.

Available on Rokfin and Odysee.


Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell

Whitney joins Natalie Brunell to discuss the history and evolution of the "national security state", ties between Big Government, organized crime and intelligence, the figures that gave rise to Jeffrey Epstein, blackmail and data surveillance on average citizens, and the need for parallel systems like Bitcoin.

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One Nation Under Blackmail
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