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New Article, AMA Responses, and Interviews

Article - Black Hand: The London Night Club Trap. AMA Responses. Interviews - Maajid Nawaz, Kim Iversen, TLAV.

Black Hand: The London Night Club Trap

How a slew of dead and missing women preceded the take over of elite London night clubs by intelligence-linked gangsters.


AMA Responses

Whitney answers subscriber questions in this AMA.

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Radical w/Maajid Nawaz

Whitney joined Maajid Nawaz to discuss the historic ties that bind the globalist technocrats within the Western intelligence community to Nazis, organised crime, eugenics and transhumanism.


The Kim Iversen Show

Whitney joins Kim Iversen to discuss Jeremy Farrar, the new Chief Scientist at WHO.



Whitney joins Ryan to discuss the events in Spain, Russia and domestic terrorism.

One Nation Under Blackmail
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