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NEW from Iain Davis and Whitney Webb - While most critics of Digital ID seem to envision it as a global, unified system, it is instead being implemented by a mosaic of public-private interoperable components.

SDG16: Part 2 — Enforcing Digital Identity

The United Nations claims that the purpose of Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG16) is to promote peaceful and inclusive societies and to provide access to justice for all. Hiding behind the rhetoric is the real objective: to strengthen and consolidate the power and authority of the "global governance regime" and to exploit threats—both real and imagined—in order to advance regime hegemony. In Part 2, Iain and Whitney examine the centrality of Digital ID (SDG 16.9) in this endeavour.


Bitcoin and the Plot to Destroy Financial Privacy

The following article is a transcript of Whitney's speech at the 2023 Bitcoin Conference.

From “The Withdrawal Issue”, Whitney Webb discusses how Bitcoin and financial privacy have fallen into the crosshairs of governmental agencies and NGOs including the World Economic Forum.

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