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Subscriber Article - The "Al Revolution": The Final Coup d'Etat? Interview - TLAV

The "AI Revolution": The Final Coup d'Etat?

The hype of an ever-imminent "Al revolution" has become impossible to ignore. We are told that Artificial Intelligence, for better or for worse, will "reshape the world" and usher in an era of extreme "cognitive advancement" for humanity, allowing us to accomplish the impossible. Though the term "revolution," for many, conjures images of righteous uprisings of the exploited masses against tyranny, the Al revolution, despite its glossy PR and lofty promises, is a "revolution" that — if realized — will instead see the elites transform the world, and us, in order to maintain and deepen their control.

Article will be published in the upcoming Solari Report magazine. Solari has given us permission to share the article with Unlimited Hangout supporting members.



Whitney joined TLAV to discuss CTIL, AI, and Gaza. Clips on Odysee.

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