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Update from Whitney

Update from Whitney

Hey everyone,

You are probably wondering why you haven’t heard much from me lately. I am still doing my podcast, but I have not been doing many interviews or writing many articles. This is mainly because I am working away on my book, One Nation Under Blackmail, which covers the Epstein scandal and the network that allowed Jeffrey Epstein to operate as he did for so long with impunity. In order to ensure that the book comes out in the best form possible, pretty much all of my working hours are currently being devoted to that endeavor, and I think you all will enjoy the end result.

Basically, this means I can’t do many interviews, aside from my own podcast, while I am wrapping it up and the same goes for articles. That doesn’t mean I’m not writing any articles at all, however, as I recently wrapped up my first ever contribution to the print edition of Bitcoin magazine, which will be available in book stores before my May deadline with the book.

Once the book is done, I will be doing a ton of interviews to promote it and its contents and have many interesting (and alarming!) articles on the backburner that I hope to publish shortly after I conclude the book manuscript.

The book, like my articles, is very information dense and, as a result, both the research and the writing has been very time consuming. Many of you also know that I am also juggling a little 3 month old baby and a very spunky 4 year old at the same time, so I can only do so much on any given day. That being said, I am very eager to get back to producing more content in the near future, but the book requires that I focus on that project for now, in the short-term. There are several, explosive finds in the book, as it relates to the Epstein scandal and other sexual blackmail operations that preceded it – some things are worth the wait!

Thanks so much for your support during this critical period in my career (and life!)

My best to you all,
Whitney Webb